Travel When You’re Young

Travel when youre young

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What’s important in your life changes. It will flip flop often. You will seek spirituality and self-existence and then something happens and you need more money. You will focus on your education and career and then someone you know leaves this planet too early and you re-evaluate your priorities. We get caught up in our daily lives, because we have to and then in a glimpse, we have a moment of clarity. It might be in a grocery line, taking your kid to school or driving to work. You take note, remind yourself you need to get out more, get outside, but then you quickly snap back into what you were doing. The good thing is that nag, never really goes away. It gets built on, thought about and organized. Your hope is that you will someday pull that trigger and do what you want to do, before it’s too late.

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Choosing When To Teach

Choosing when to teach
Choosing when to teach

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We have a rule in my house (another Wes’ism), “The first one to freak out has the floor.” What that means is, you can’t freak out that someone is freaking out. That rule is usually followed by The Holstee Manifesto’s, “All Emotions Are Beautiful.” Emotion is often very misunderstood and largely interpreted in the business world as a form of weakness. But emotion comes in many forms and the business owner screaming at an employee or back at a client, seems to be acceptable. My father was very emotional and it often came out as anger. He’s less expressive now, but for years I suppressed emotion fearing it would lead to anger. At times it did. I learned that was me just copying him and I could find other ways to express myself. Like I’ve said before (another Wes’ism) “It’s taken me 20 years to unlearn all the stuff my parents taught me.” Understanding the way I express my emotion and when I express my emotion, tends to be very strategic, even though I’m not consciously thinking that way. This step-back approach, takes practice, but really helps you from saying something stupid.

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45 things + 5


Tomorrow I will be 45 years old. My twin brother and I have seen and done a lot in this lifetime so far and I am lucky to talk to him daily. I’ve always been a little indifferent about my birthday, not sure why, but searching for a reason is not going to change anything. Typically I enjoy a nice quiet meal with my wife and daughter and a cold beer. Simple is nice.

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Going all in on the web – Part 1

The following is a three part series of how I migrated from Apple to the Google ecosystem and completely changed how I work and thought about the web.

Chromebook Pixel 2
Chromebook Pixel 2

In a previous blog post I wrote about a “Leap Frog Move”, where you make particular decisions or take actions that will catapult you to a different place. For me, this has always been about seizing opportunities. Earlier in my career it was harder to identify, but as I have gotten older and more in tune with seeing the big picture, occasionally different paths pop up and you have to move quick. I describe this action in a little more detail in my post, Making the right big move. Little did I imagine that a few short months ago, I would ditch my Macbook Air and move to a Chromebook Pixel 2 full time.

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Where I’ve been, what I’m doing and what’s next

It’s been about three months since I was consistently posting, so I thought it was time to give an update. Over a year ago I started doing a small amount of dev work for an old friend of mine. It was fun to connect and I enjoyed the different type of projects. The company is unique in the sense that they do very high end corporate events, video, presentations and digital. As an agency, they have carved out a special niche to this diverse audience. About three months ago, a position came about to head up the Digital Solutions Group at this company. It was a great opportunity to work in an industry that was growing and for a company that was expanding right along with it. I jumped at the chance to have a new experience and work for CG Creative full time.

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