Hi, how are you?

My name is Wes Chyrchel. I’m a Consultant, Early Stage Advisor and Project Advisor. I often Blog about the business of the web. Recently, I started posting Videos. Have a look around. Let’s stay in touch and Join the list!

I’m a fierce advocate for Small Business. I think everyone should be an entrepreneur at least once in their life. WesChyrchel.com is the place where I can share thoughts and information to support those businesses. My day job is the COO at Starfire Direct, where we are building an incredible eCommerce company. I often say, “creativity happens outside.” I think through problems while I’m Camping, Running, Biking and Surfing. I share those adventures on Instagram. I stumbled into Web Development in 1996 and it’s been my passion ever since. You can follow my online career at Linkedin.