Travel When You’re Young

Travel when youre young

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What’s important in your life changes. It will flip flop often. You will seek spirituality and self-existence and then something happens and you need more money. You will focus on your education and career and then someone you know leaves this planet too early and you re-evaluate your priorities. We get caught up in our daily lives, because we have to and then in a glimpse, we have a moment of clarity. It might be in a grocery line, taking your kid to school or driving to work. You take note, remind yourself you need to get out more, get outside, but then you quickly snap back into what you were doing. The good thing is that nag, never really goes away. It gets built on, thought about and organized. Your hope is that you will someday pull that trigger and do what you want to do, before it’s too late.

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Motion breeds momentum

Momentum is desired by every business. It’s the Holy Grail of business lore. When other businesses have it and you don’t, it’s something you covet. It’s a funny sounding word that’s meaning has broadened over the years and in business, it’s taken on an almost spiritual connotation. The momentum that I’m speaking of is the ongoing speed at which you are moving to reach your goal. It’s the indicators that pop up along the way, proving that you are on the right path. In marketing, it’s the continued success of getting noticed. In sales, it’s getting one deal after another. In Web Development, it’s the rolling execution of turning out website after website.

Definition from Google:

Momentum: the impetus and driving force gained by the development of a process or course of events.

Momentum is hard to gain and very easy to lose. Once you have it, you have to have the discipline and the presence of mind to keep it. It’s something you nurture and have blind faith in. Tuning in to the steps you have taken to obtain momentum is important. You have to be conscious of your actions. They must be methodical, measured and evaluated. If there are hiccups along the way, you need to make modifications and tweaks, that guide you back in line. Once you devise your formula for momentum, you have to execute it, then hurry up and wait.

Patience is the enemy of momentum and the biggest deterrent. To gain momentum, it can take several steps or just a few. You may be on the right path to gaining momentum, then start to lose faith and change your course of direction. This is dangerous. If not done correctly, you may undermine all of the groundwork you’ve laid up until this point. This is where the blind faith comes in. If you are an entrepreneur, you know this space well. It’s the empty box that you have to fill. There are no instructions, no path to follow and no back up plan. One thing we do know about momentum is that to start it and keep it going, you must have motion.

To have success in your Web Development Business, you have to keep moving forward. You have to focus on the parts of your business that are going to satisfy your goal. Maybe that is selling more product, getting more clicks or receiving more views. To initiate that, you need to create motion. To call on momentum, to get momentum to happen in your busines, you neet to create a plan. This plan creates motion by a series of steps, that builds momentum. The plan, executed repeatedly or over a long period of time, will continuously build on itself.

Ways to use motion to create momentum

  • Create a plan. This does not have to be extremely detailed, but it should include identifiable milestones and tasks to measure progress.
  • Do it daily. Motion is the act of doing. To create momentum, progress has to happen daily. Even if it’s a small task, just do something.
  • Interact. Including people in your plan is essential. The more you can talk, chat or expose people to what you are doing, the better. People love to hear about progress and in turn, people will get motivated and share.

I’ve often said, sometimes you have to use the “brute force method” to get things done. This doesn’t imply the easy way. It’s hard work. You see, but therein lies your advantage. The people that are willing to do something every day, whatever it is, will create momentum. Your advantage is that you want to do the hard work. For when you are actually doing the work and creating motion, it’s much easier to see when momentum has arrived.