What is it?

“THE HOW” is an evolved Web Development Process. Several years ago my Web Development Company was struggling to keep our clients happy. I completely restructured our workflow and found we were missing a very important step. We never educated our clients as to “HOW” we were going to build their website. It seemed so simple, but by missing this step we were consistently encountering problems down the road. After switching to our new process everything changed. We spent a lot more time getting to know our clients, change requests dropped dramatically and more importantly, clients loved the result. There is nothing more gratifying to a Web Developer than delivering a Website on time and on budget.

Why should I use it?

I learned a long time ago that creating a “Client Centric” approach to Web Development was the only way we were going to do great work and keep clients coming back. The “80/20” rule, where 80% of your income comes from 20% of your clients, doesn’t work if you keep losing clients! If you want a time tested Web Development Process, that just works, then “THE HOW” is for you.

How it works

The biggest mistake we made in Web Development, was expecting clients to know how Websites were built.

The old style Web Development Process goes like this,

  1. Client says: “We need a Website.”
  2. Clients says: “Here is what we want.”
  3. Developer says: “Here is your website.”

The old style process assumes the client knows how to build a Website. This process is flawed. What’s missing here is the “HOW.” We don’t tell the client “HOW” we are going to build their website and don’t guide the client through our process. The old style doesn’t follow any structure and relies on the client to tell you how to build their Website. The professional experience the client is paying for, is never introduced.

“THE HOW” Evolved Web Development Process goes like this,

  1. “We have a unique step by step collaborative process to build you a great website.”
  2. “We embed your requirements into our method as part of our project process, so your needs are always addressed.”
  3. “Your business knowledge and participation is essential to your project’s success. Your approval, questions and concerns are required at every phase, before the next phase begins.”


“THE HOW” method is based upon a simple formula for communication that results in a successful exchange. In this context there are only three components, “Developer Needs,” “Client Needs” and “Emotional Needs.” All of these components have to be present at each client interaction or the message will break down.


In “THE HOW” Evolved Web Development Process, the Client Experience becomes the focal point. The workflow is now front loaded. The Planning period is increased and the Design and Production periods are purposely shortened. It guides the client through building their website and uses communication touch points every step of the way. It works, because the emphasis is on Planning instead of fixing problems later. Communication and status updates are now the norm, because it’s built right in.

Get Started

“THE HOW” Evolved Web Development Process is a method to follow for doing Web Development. It’s not a software program, an ebook or a video. It’s a step by step workflow to follow for the duration of the Web Project from first meeting the client, all the way to launching the Website. We pick a project and I work with you every step of the way as a member of your team, showing you how to implement “THE HOW” method.

What’s included?

“The How” Evolved Web Development Process was created to be flexible and fit in with your existing structure. It’s designed to adapt to how you do business. I provide you with a series of documents to be used as a toolset for implementing “THE HOW” workflow.

  • Quick Quote Form
  • Estimate/Workorder
  • Consulting Agreement
  • Example Welcome Document
  • Website Process
  • Kickoff
  • Timeline
  • Planning Template
  • THE HOW Checklist

I have worked for years refining this method. There is so much more to this process that’s too long to share here and I can’t wait to show you. Ready to get going? I am too! Click the BUY “THE HOW” button below and we can get started!