Favorite Links

I love helping people with their businesses. The whole reason I started this blog, writing about the Business Of Web Development, was so that I could help people just like you to grow and become sustainable. It isn’t only that I have a passion for Web Businesses, it’s that I stand up for them and really want them to succeed. I get asked a lot about my favorite Web Hosts, Theme Developers and Plugin Creators. I have several and some are listed here. With each link I have offered my opinion about the company and their services. The links below are affiliate links, so at no cost to you, I get a few bucks every time you sign up for one of their services after clicking the link. I have only listed links of companies and services that I have personally used or have direct experience with. I am sharing my life’s experience here in the Web Development Industry and this information is completely free to you. I really hope you enjoy the blog and what I share helps you with your business. The next time you are considering one of the companies below, please use my link. Thank you!

Web Hosts

Dreamhost I’m a big fan of Dreamhost and been with them since 2007. Dreamhost was introduced to me as the “Developers Web Host.” You can do things at this Web Host, that you can’t do at other Web Hosts. They have always been innovative, easy to use and responsive.

Pagely If you need a Managed WordPress Host, then you need to go with Pagely. Not only are they fast and secure using the Amazon Cloud, the founders are awesome! Josh and Sally are incredible people and they put on a hell of a conference too, Pressnomics.

SiteGround SiteGround is new to the WordPress world, but they host more than WordPress. If WordPress is just one of the type of platforms you work with, then give these guys a look. I’ve met them at WordCamps and I am honestly impressed with what they have to offer.

Media Temple It wasn’t that long ago that EVERYONE was hosted at Media Temple. In fact, having the (mt) logo on your site was a badge of honor. These guys were one of the first to roll out hosting in the cloud. If you need a well seasoned host that can host anything, these are the guys.

Bluehost A lot of people love Bluehost. I have had several clients over the years that use them and think they are great. Known to a lot of people as a strong and affordable web host, Bluehost offers great value. Definitely check them out.

Website Themes

Elegant Themes There’s no question, Elegant Themes is one of my favorite WordPress theme companies. They have a very clean and eloquent style. They truly do live up to their name.

Mojo Themes Mojo Themes is huge. What I like about them is they have themes and templates for many different platforms. If you are a Web Developer or Agency that works with many different CMS systems, you have to check these guys out!

Plugins & Scripts

Envato Marketplace Envato has been around a long time and has an enormous collection of Themes, Plugins and Scripts. Everything I’ve bought from them over the years has worked great. Incredible selection and great prices too!


Sucuri The plain truth is that websites get hacked. It doesn’t matter which platfrom you are on, someday, it will happen. Your solution, possibly the only solution, is to use Sucuri. Don’t try to do it yourself, it’s pointless. They are pro’s and know where to look. The CEO, Tony Perez, runs a strong company and they are very respected in the Web Community.