After two decades in Web Development, I have been through all the stages of creating, growing and maintaining a business. Whether you are a one man show, a small company or need help getting your new startup off the ground, I can help.

Business Coach – I work with individuals and small companies to help them grow and get organized. We start backwards, define your business goals, how you would like your company to be set up, how much money you would like to make and go from there.

Early Stage Advisor – When starting a business, you need good and honest advice. I am an early stage advisor that specializes in “zero to product” mentoring to companies looking to get their new startup off the ground.

Project Advisor – Starting and running a project takes a specific type of organization. Defining the project requirements and writing a functional specification are absolutely essential to the success of the project. I can help you with both and guide you to keeping the project on track.

Buy a 5 Hour Block

For my services, I keep the compensation model simple. You can pre-purchase a block of 5 hours and use them for whatever you like. Please use the button below to purchase the block of hours.