familyOutside is where you will most often find me. I’ll probably have my laptop, iPhone or iPad nearby and I’ll either be working or thinking about the next adventure. My family is the center of my universe. Getting out and spending time with my beautiful wife and amazing daughter is what motivates me to succeed in my business.

I believe in a strong Work / Life Balance and have worked hard to perfect that in my life. With my Business Coaching, I teach others how to achieve that in their own lives. I have been building websites, managing teams, creating business processes and setting client expectations for over 19 years. I have been working with WordPress since 2006 and frequently speak at WordPress Meetups and WordCamps to give back to the community. There’s no question, the web is a huge part of my life. It’s what I do.

I am a Small Business Advocate and believe everyone should have the experience of running their own business. This also means that I am “pro-client,” because they are small businesses too. Really, without clients, we wouldn’t have websites to build. I have learned a lot in my career, especially, what not to do. I ran my own hosting business, multiple web development businesses and have worked for several web development agencies. I have seen how bad process destroys projects, alienates clients and undermines employees. With every bad experience, good has prevailed with refined systems and new innovative ideas to streamline development, help clients achieve their goals and do great work.

Several years ago I realized that as a business, it was my obligation to give back. To share what I’ve learned and to help the industry that has given me so much. Coaching and Speaking has allowed me to do that. Though there are several resources that show you how to build websites, there are even fewer that show you how to run a Web Development Business and successfully work with clients. The path to running a successful web development business is challenging at best and extremely stressful at worst. I really enjoy helping people, get their business back on track and living the life they want. It’s possible.

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