45 Things + 5

Tomorrow I will be 45 years old. My twin brother and I have seen and done a lot in this lifetime so far and I am lucky to talk to him daily. I’ve always been a little indifferent about my birthday, not sure why, but searching for a reason is not going to change anything. Typically I enjoy a nice quiet meal with my wife and daughter and a cold beer. Simple is nice.

I’ve noticed over the years, I’ve come to trust some “Wes’ism’s” that I’ve said over and over to myself and others, mostly to keep myself from doing stupid stuff, but also to remind myself of my values and who I am. Most of these are cobbled together from lessons learned or wise words from friends and colleagues. They’ve guided me through some rough times, so I thought at this stage of my life they would make a great post.

(Note: Part two of Going All In On The Web, is coming. The post is very long, but I am looking forward to start posting regularly again. More soon!)

  1. Figure out who you are
  2. Being nice is a lot less maintenance than being mean
  3. Friend older people and listen for the gems
  4. Give your significant other a great life
  5. Immediate family comes first
  6. Be selfish with your time
  7. Gossiping will find its way back to you
  8. Eating crap, makes you feel and look like crap
  9. Pick exercises you like and do those
  10. Get rid of clothes, jobs and people in your life that don’t fit anymore
  11. You have a lot more acquaintances, than friends
  12. Don’t freak out, the result is worse
  13. People remember you how they saw you last
  14. If it feels weird, it’s weird
  15. Fear is why we don’t do things and why we do things
  16. Walking daily will help you solve all of the world’s problems
  17. How you imagine it, is not the same as real life
  18. Stay out of other people’s drama
  19. If you are running out of people to call, you probably complain too much
  20. Simplifying your life is a daily practice
  21. If someone hires you to do a job, do it
  22. Your significant other will change, but not how you think
  23. Buy the best quality you can afford
  24. Your parents don’t owe you anything and you don’t owe them anything
  25. Be alone with yourself
  26. Some people are jerks
  27. Stay out of the past, it’s not what you remember
  28. Things just happen sometimes. That’s it.
  29. When feeling compelled to retaliate, do the opposite
  30. Losing weight takes longer every year
  31. Quit your job for the better one, then do it again
  32. Love your pets and they will save you
  33. Achieve your goals, no matter how long it takes
  34. Fighting keeps your problems longer
  35. If you are looking for something wrong, you will find it
  36. Wait 24 hours before responding to an angry text or email
  37. Everyone is, should be and will be a consultant
  38. More than one person loses when you make fun of them
  39. Half your life is spent unlearning what your parents taught you
  40. Friendship takes maintenance
  41. Don’t let employers dumb down your achievements
  42. Stop trying to be all of these different people, pick the few that you like
  43. Make your own money
  44. Share what you’ve learned with others
  45. Get a flower guy, everyone loves flowers
  46. Be clean and dress nice, you’ll be surprised how your day changes
  47. Searching for someone to blame gets harder
  48. Take care of your body, it needs to last awhile
  49. Choose silence in times of saying something you’ll regret
  50. If not you, then who

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6 thoughts on “45 Things + 5

  1. So glad you’re posting again. I share your lack of interest in making one’s own birthday a big deal. _Really_ liked the list of life lessons. Shows you’ve been paying attention the past 45 years, and accrued some wisdom along the way. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to reading Part II of ‘Going All In on the Web’ whenever you’re ready to post.

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