Where I’ve Been, What I’m Doing and What’s Next

It’s been about three months since I was consistently posting, so I thought it was time to give an update. Over a year ago I started doing a small amount of dev work for an old friend of mine. It was fun to connect and I enjoyed the different type of projects. The company is unique in the sense that they do very high end corporate events, video, presentations and digital. As an agency, they have carved out a special niche to this diverse audience. About three months ago, a position came about to head up the Digital Solutions Group at this company. It was a great opportunity to work in an industry that was growing and for a company that was expanding right along with it. I jumped at the chance to have a new experience and work for CG Creative full time.

In my new role I get to work with a very talented team, with a wide range of skillsets. Putting on a corporate event is like creating a live stage show. There are many moving parts, months of preparation and you just get one shot. The tension is high and the pace is fast. It’s exhilerating! In a world that I didn’t know that much about, it’s been a time intensive process to learn how it works. I’m looking forward to instituting more digital process into how we work and growing the Digital Solutions Group into it’s full potential.

What I’m doing

I never intended to stop blogging and posting on social media, it just sort of happened. Actually, a lot of things happened. Right before I started to work at CG Creative, I upgraded my Macbook Air 2011 to Yosemite. My machine never really ran the same. What’s worse, my Chrome browser, stopped working altogether. I tried it all, rebooting, re-installing, turning off all extensions, removing all extensions and even working with one tab open at a time. I’m not sure how it happened, but one day out of frustration, I bought a Chromebook Pixel 2. It’s changed everything.

To be fair, I had been researching Chromebooks for a while, ever since I bought my daughter one at the begining of her 4th grade school year. I was already working almost exclusively out of my Chrome browser on my Mac and during the process of setting up her machine, it lit a spark that never really went away. I wanted the hardware quality of my Mac and more importantly a high definition screen. I tend to keep my machines for 3 to 5 years, so I wanted something that would last. The price of the Pixel 2 went down and that was enough motivation for me to pull the trigger. The machine has exceeded my expectations and continues to impress me every day.

There is no question that when you are heavily invested in an ecosystem, everything works. I was in Apple’s ecosystem and everything worked, until it didn’t. Treading that line between the two is frought with roadblocks, so I made the decision to go all in on Android too! There were a number of things that led to that decision and I took it very seriously. I knew the road would be bumpy, but for 90% of the work I was doing, I felt confident that I could make the Google platform work. I was surprised at how intuitive both Chrome OS and Android were to use. To be honest, I was shocked. This is the best technical move I’ve ever made.

What’s next

I work completely in the cloud. How I work has totally changed. The way I view work has evolved. Chris Lema, Steve Zehengut and I just wrapped up recording 10 episodes for the soon to be released, Business Track Podcast. I have stockpiled tons of blog post topics and have other great announcements to share as they get farther along. So many good things to blog about, I just can’t wait to share them with you. I’m back.

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5 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been, What I’m Doing and What’s Next

  1. How fortunate for us you return from adventures chock full of NEW! Great to hear from you Wes!

  2. Congrats Wes! This sounds like a great adventure. I used to host high level government meetings (nothing as grand as the ones you speak of). I know what you mean about “you only have one chance”. I did enjoy all the moving pieces especially when things started to come together. 🙂

  3. So glad you’re back! I suspected you took on a new project that was taking up all your time. Thanks for keeping us all updated on your recent doings. Your experience with the Chromebook and Android OS is noteworthy, as I’ve heard a few horror stories about Yosemite (which is why I haven’t upgraded from Mavericks). Looking forward to hearing what you, Lema and Zenghut have cooked up in your podcast series. Cheers!

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