WordCamp San Diego 2015: My Best Presentation Yet

This weekend I’ll be speaking at WordCamp San Diego! This WordCamp is very special to me, because this was the very first WordCamp I spoke at. San Diego is also where I went to college for Communication and studied Web Development. The first six years of my career were spent working for Web Development Agencies in San Diego.

In my presentation, Milestones & Delivery: Tough Conversations and Scope Creep I tackle my favorite topic, Client Communication. This topic affects every business no matter what industry you are in. I’ll be challenging you to look at your business through your clients eyes. We’ll be looking at What you say to your clients, How to say it and When to say it within the context of your project. There is no question, Communication is the key to managing every successful client relationship.

Now, more than ever, The Business Of Web Development is getting the attention it has sorely needed. We have conferences that are completely dedicated to helping Web Development Businesses learn to be better businesses. Pressnomics is a three day conference focusing on WordPress based businesses that are at the forefront of the industry. Prestige links established freelancers, entrepreneurs and small shops together, so they can learn from one another. It’s not just about how to build with WordPress anymore, it’s about how to grow a sustainable business.

The presentation I will give on Sunday is a long time coming. I have spent my whole career focusing on how to better work with clients and make their business successful. For the first time, I will be sharing all of my secrets. This isn’t just another talk about how to be firm and create boundaries with your clients, this talk will show you how to look at your Web Development Business in a whole new way. If you are ready to change how you do business, I’ll see you on Sunday.

Creating, running and growing a business is hard work. You need good honest advice from a person who's been there before and can help you organize your ideas into action.
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