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When I first started rock climbing with friends, I was so excited. I subscribed to Climbing Magazine, bought the famous book, Mountaineering: Freedom of the hills, practiced tying knots and bought endless amounts of gear. I really wanted to be a great Rock Climber. Not progressing as quickly as I would like, I’d strike up conversations with my friends about different climbing moves. I’d interrogate them about the different scenarios in which they’d use them. Finally, after seeing one of my friends, Stan, do so well on a climb I asked him, “How do I become a better climber like you?” He smiled, kinda laughed and said, “If you want to become a better climber, you have to get out there and climb. A lot. No shortcuts.”

With my Web Business Coaching I often get asked, “How do I become a better Web Developer?” The answer seems simple enough, build more websites. We hear this and know this, yet we seem to be in this endless loop of learning the latest git tool, debating the best text editor or reviewing the perfect starter theme. All of this information is great to know and essential for us to do great work, but there is no substitute for building websites.

What makes you a better Web Developer is being a solution provider. Knowing how to solve your clients problems. You may get a client that is in a specialized industry where they need to provide information to their customers in a certain way. Where is that information going to come from? How is it collected? What format do they need it in? Does it need to be downloaded? Is it public or do you need them to login to get access to it? For many businesses, their website is a tool for them to do business. It’s not just for selling and marketing, but how they exchange information as well.

That’s what’s great about Web Development, it’s different all the time. With every website we build, we become a better Web Developer. Not only because we got to use some new piece of code or changed our workflow to streamline our process, but we were solving real business problems. Take a step back and look at your business. Remove the excuses as to which latest technology you should use and just build a great Website.

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