By inspiring ourselves, we inspire others

When you run your own business, you are looking for inspiration all the time. Sometimes you find it in articles, podcasts or books. I get a lot of inspiration by going to meetups, sitting in coffee shops or chatting with people around town. I love to hear peoples stories. Where they’ve been and how they got there. I find it absolutely fascinating how people make money. I recently talked to a neighbor of mine who makes and repairs radio controled airplanes. Turns out, it’s not a cheap hobby and crashing is common. Someone else I met, has an Amazon device, and goes around to yard sales, scans items with a high profit margin and sells them on her Amazon store. My brother sells Harley Davidson parts on e-bay to customers all around the world, where parts are difficult to find. People may not know it, but by creatively seeking out new ways to make money, they inspire all of us.

Every day, you are evaluating, assessing and nurturing the growth of your business. Digging up inspiration day after day can be difficult. In the beginning it may be about money, but after awhile you want more. At some point you may wonder what’s it all for? Are you doing any good in the world? Are you changing anyones lives or just making your’s better? I wrote a few weeks ago about Putting Meaning In Your Web Development. To have a purpose in the work you do is magnetic. People see it and want to be a part of it. Helping others and seeing change happen right before your eyes is magical. To get to that place where all of that can occur, you have to believe.

It starts with understanding what you have to offer. I wrote about discovering this in Figuring Out Your Value. Once you understand your special gift, it gives you the framework to help others in need. You see what others don’t see. The solutions you can provide are more succinct. It gets to the root of the problem faster. When we truly believe in the help that we provide others, that’s inspiring.

Knowing who you are, being present in the moments you’re in and being a good listener is an incredible formula to inspire yourself and others. People pick up on the confidence that comes with following your own path and being decisive in your own work. Having a plan and following the steps of that plan can show immediate results and people will notice. Believing in yourself makes it easier for you to believe in others. It helps you empathize with what they are going through and have compassion for those good and bad days, that we all go through.

Inspiring ourselves may be as simple as being yourself and staying true to who you are and the values you believe in. How refreshing is it to wake up every day and not try to be someone else, you just have to be you.

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