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My End of the year *Specials are a big help to businesses that want to end the year with a good solid plan to hit the ground running for 2015. As of today, we are just about half way through the month, so there are only 16 days left for you to take advantage of this offer. I’m offering $100 Off Web Dev Business Coaching and $250 Off Sponsorship. Whether you have a solo Web Development Business or you are a Small Web Development Shop, the Web Dev Coaching Special is perfect for you. If you are a business trying to reach Web Developers, you will want to advantage of our Weekly Sponsorship Special! At $250 Off, it’s an incredible deal. I’m looking forward to helping your businesses grow and get organized in 2015!

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Creating, running and growing a business is hard work. You need good honest advice from a person who's been there before and can help you organize your ideas into action.
I can do that for you.

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