Go away Business Card’s!

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I’m not a fan of using Business Cards. I think they are clunky, get out of date quickly and have outlived their usefulness. Every time I’ve ever ordered Business Cards, I receive an obscene amount only to throw them in the trash later. Not only do I dislike having Business Cards, I really don’t like receiving them. If we are meeting in person, I want to get to know you. That’s what I’m going to remember. In fact, if you give me your card, it’s more than likely that I won’t contact you, because I probably lost your card later on that evening. This has been on my mind lately, because with the new WesChyrchel.com Website I’ve been getting a lot of interest in my new Web Dev Business Coaching Services and every person I meet, asks me for a Business Card. I tell them I don’t have a card and ask for their email address. In fact, a few years ago when I stopped carrying cards, that’s all I did. Sometimes I would open a new email window and just hand the person my phone to have them type their email in. Well, as of a couple days ago, the best solution I’ve seen to replace the business card, just went live.

Recently I set up my own About.me Page. It was fun, easy to do and a wonderful experience. Those guys over at About.me are doing it right. Today I was happy to download a new app from About.me called Intro, that allows you to quickly send someone your email, phone number or both. The app is simple, easy to use and incredibly useful. Please join me in getting rid of Business Cards, Set Up Your Own About.me Page and get Intro

Watch a video on Intro:


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