Speaking at North County San Diego WordPress Meetup!

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I’m really excited to be speaking at the North County San Diego WordPress Meetup this coming Tuesday, September 30, 2014! The topic that I will be speaking on is, “How To Get Great Clients – Alignment First, Expectations Second.” Often you will hear, when talking about clients, is that you need to “set expectations,” but if the business approach, development process and overall values between you and the client aren’t aligned, the project will be a disaster.

Many of the traditions in Web Development have left us with a broken process.  We send the client a questionnaire and expect them to answer it fully and intelligently, yet what we get back are pieces of sentences and one word answers. In addition the person that is filling out this questionnaire, isn’t even a stakeholder in the project. For years, Web Development shops and Agencies have tried to “fix” the questions, by having less, but more detailed questions. This doesn’t work. No matter how you spin it, sending a questionnaire to a client is like having them fill out a tax form, they hate it. The result is a consistent lack of alignment between the dev shop and client that always ends in distress.

I’ll be talking about some techniques on how to approach and discover this alignment.  How to engage your client, really understand their business and make more money in the process. I guarantee, this will change how you do Web Development.

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